Why you should have a Dubstep Blog

October 28, 2013

664When you make music you almost always just focus on the music. You don’t care too much about the other details that make a dubstep career possible. If you truly want to live off your dubstep then there are a few extras you could be doing to help you reach the goals you wish to achieve.

But many of you might be asking what having a blog has to do with music and the answer to the question goes as follows; Reach! Reach is something that we all need and yes the internet is available but if you don’t know how to target your music to the people who are willing to purchase it you will be “dreaming” for some time to come.

You don’t just need a dubstep maker studio setup, gear and so on, you need to tap into the resources that are available to you and the Internet is most probably the biggest one out there.

As a musician I have worked in the field for more than a decade and as a marketing and branding expert for several Fortune 500 companies I have understood the dynamics on how to virtually brand your music and plug into the Dubstep scene via virtual methodology.

The first thing you need to do is have your own website, your own .com or what have you and to begin to display your mixes for purchase on thus said website.

This website should have a blog where you post content on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean you have to write like an expert, but you can write some 350 word snippets on what’s going on in your life, your music, your dubstep observations and so forth. In fact, here’s a little list of topics you can write on:

Remember always to tag your KWs into the text. Don’t worry about how many times, just make it look natural and be sure to include them. But what Keywords should you use?

Essentially you will be branding your name with Dubstep, the more content you have relating your subgenre, your name and the kw dubstep the higher you will appear in search engines. Make videos, make mixes and load them up always branding these words. Obviously you can do some additional research and find your own unique KWs to help boost your rankings and to become easily found online.

Also remember to target your own city and country as well if you are looking for gigs locally. There are other advantages to blogs as well such as;

Dubstep is an emerging sound that still has a significant future ahead of it and if you are serious about getting in on the action you can start working on your very own Dubstep Blog. The more you create avenues where fans can reach you the higher the probability.

Even Taylor Swift gets into the Dubstep:

Why you should have a Dubstep Blog - October 28, 2013 -