The Power Of Social Media Marketing For Businesses

March 31, 2016

Gone are the days when marketing depends solely on cold calling. Today, social media marketing has taken over the lead. Social media marketing is one of the smartest ways of doing business.

Advice from a social media agency

Social media marketing is one of the advantages of information technology. So many articles, books, and reviews have been produced about social media marketing. In this short article, we shall try as much as possible to tell you why you really need to use social media marketing in transacting your business today.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn has become powerful social media channels. Cold calling is now a dying technique. In fact, according to available statistics, social media works 90.09% better than cold calling.

Social media has given businesses the privilege of building wonderful brands. In this short article, we will show you how you can effectively use social media to nurture and develop your prospects, and why cold calling is an ineffective way of conducting business.

Why cold calling is ineffective

Companies rarely call their prospective clients and start selling their latest product to them. Apart from the fact that cold calling is ineffective. Statistics have shown that over 90% of people no longer pick up their phones to answer such calls.

We are in a digital world, and amazingly customers prefer to research products from the internet and also ask their friends and followers for recommendations from the social media. Studies have also shown that over 80% of people trust the recommendations from their friends on social media.

Why hiring a social media agency is highly recommended

All of the social media brandsStudies shows that hiring a social media agency is one of the viable ways of generating popularity to your brand. In fact, it is 300 times more effective in generating leads than cold calling. I have met many people who said that they fell in love with a product after reading the recommendations from friends and followers on social media platforms.

In cold calling, every one receives the same call approach, but social media targets those that are interested in the product. Its main approach is centred on personalisation and targeting. It gives you the privilege of engaging your customers with events, offers and content. Social media connects you with your target audience.

Research your prospects through social media

If possible, take time to go through your prospect’s profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Identify the type of contents they share. If they are asking questions or talking about events related to your business, and then create compelling contents that will drive them to your profile, tag them or share it on their timeline. You might be surprised to see that they may be deeply interested in what you are sharing.

Engage your customers through social media

This is a wonderful platform to motivate them to use your goods and services. One of the easiest ways to build a relationship with them is by focusing on topics that would help them or add value to their lives or doing things that may attract them to your profile, such as commenting back on their updates on Twitter, liking or sharing their updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

You can also direct their attention to some relevant contents that would assist them. You can build the relationship by arranging for a meeting or picking up your phone to call them or sending them an email.

The Power Of Social Media Marketing For Businesses - March 31, 2016 -