SEO Companies VS Obsolete Methods of Marketing

October 28, 2013

photo-marketingIn today’s technological age, the phone book is quickly being replaced with the world wide web. 80% of the world uses search engines like Google to find any business or product. With this understanding, what do you do with that big inconvenient monster of a book? And since people are looking on line, how does a business ensure it is found before its competition. Local or nationwide? The importance of SEO has grown to a new level in recent years, but the issue faced by most webmasters and companies and that they have no idea where to start and how diligently planning their marketing can be financially rewarding in terms of return on investment.  Certainly the old methods of being recognised first, simply based on your business name has now become obsolete,

The Obsolete “A” SEO Method:

In the past a business could incorporate a few A’s in front of their name and they would be listed at the front of their section or business type in the yellow pages. One such example would be AAAAPlumbing Inc. Five to seven years ago, that would have been fine. This business would be at the forefront of the plumbing section of the phone book. Today the process is a bit more involved. Today, placing the business name online only ensures that you are found somewhere on the web. Which given the copious amounts of information on the web, there is little chance of being found unless your listing is on the first page of the search engine that you are using.

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies come in. An SEO company can take your listing and place it on the front page of nearly any search engine you choose to use. Its like being placed on the front page of a phone book, under the specific areas of business that you are in. Except no one uses the phone book anymore.

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SEO Companies VS Obsolete Methods of Marketing - October 28, 2013 -